Month: December 2022

They tried to disrupt Parliament.

Not all terrorists live in the shadows, some own rocket companies, and provide fellow terrorists unhindered, “above-the-law” access to all the exposure they could dream of. Abhijit Naskar You may have seen the news about protestors disrupting parliament last week. Thankfully the person who flashed parliament in front of children is now being investigated by

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GRR Stage 3 – Day 1

You can watch today’s proceedings at but I shall be live blogging it here. There are over 100 amendments grouped into 13 groups, which is a lot. Thankfully there is a cheat sheet of good/bad amendments here If your still on Twitter Beth has a good thread. Another good thread by Abbie Gaston. 22:38

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The democratic will

In their time in government, the … have run roughshod over Scotland’s democracy. Scottish Conservatives Today, we look forward to the time when this moment will be seen as a turning point:the day when democracy was renewed in Scotland, when we revitalised our place inthis our United Kingdom. Donald Dewar, the open of the Scottish

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