How to admit you are scared of the competition.

Elon Musk blocking my tweet.

How to admit you are scared of the competition.

A merchant who approaches business with the idea of serving the public well has nothing to fear from the competition.

James Cash Penney

Space Karen, Elon Musk, is scared; scared of the competition.

This morning I posted the following toot on Mastodon.

It’s in reference to the Scottish budget, where the Green/SNP government has diverted the £20 million we set aside for indyRef2 towards support vulnerable people against rising energy bills. An absolutely correct thing to do in my opinion.

I also attempted to post this on tweeter, except I replaced the link with a link to the original toot … it was then I got a surprise.

Elon Musk blocking my tweet.

That’s right, “Free speech absolutist” Elon Musk blocked my tweet because I’d linked it to my Mastodon account.

Digging into this a little more I discovered not only is he blocking links to Mastodon but he’s also kicked the official Mastodon account, off Twitter.

I’ve spoken before about how Mastodon is a far safer space for marginilised communities than Twitter is. But it now appears it’s also a far safer space for business.

It appears Twitter also blocks Mastodon links disguised with tinyurl

But maybe this is legit, I hear you say. After all any sysadmin knows it only takes one bad actor to trash a domain’s reputation. So I checked.
VirusTotal is a great resource. It runs suspect files or websites through a battery of tests. It uses 91 different anti-virus applications to check if a file or website flags as potentially harmful. How meany engions do you think flagged my mastodon profile?

Yes that’s right zero. Not a single one of the 91 pieces of anti-virus software thorght my Mastodon profile was “potentially harmful”.

I would reach out to Twitter to get their reason for this but all their comms staff were sacked.

UPDATE – 18-December-2022

It’s official, Musk is scared of the opposition. Despite him claiming otherwise initally.

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