About Heather

Originally born in Leicester, England. Heather is a lifelong activist and campaigner having been involved in anti-war and anti-fascist campaigns as well as campaigns to save local services from closing.

Having moved to Scotland in 2013, she voted in favour of Scottish Independence. In 2017 she joined Scottish Labour, hoping to move the party to the left, she failed.

In November 2018 she was elected trans officer for LGBT+ Labour Scotland where she worked with members at all levels of the party to try and eradicate transphobia, through education.

One of the areas Heather identified, where trans visibility could play a major role in winning the normalisation of trans identity, is that of elected members and so with that she stood in the 2019 general election for the Gordon constituency where she ran as a paper candidate and was unsurprisingly not elected. She ran again in 2021, for the Scottish Parliament constituency of Donside, where again she ran as a paper candidate for the Labour Party.

In Late 2021 she left Scottish Labour and joined the Scottish Greens and shortly afterwards was elected, along with Beth Douglas, co-convenor of the Rainbow Greens.