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Vote Early, Vote Often

Vote early, vote often John Van Buren For those who don’t know I have a degree in Computer Science (actually it’s a double major degree, computer science and psychology), with a focus on Computer Security. Earlier this week the National published an online poll asking “Who would you like to see as the next SNP

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A screen shot of a tweet that reads, I have quite a few mutuals who follow @LGBallianceNYC & I feel it imperative to warn you that the man running the account (he’s one person pretending to be an orginisation) is a registered child sex offered in the state of new york. then their is a

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Media lies

Times ¨journalist¨ Dom Hanschild took to Twitter to claim that Tory MP Michael Fabricant was assaulted by protesters in Birmingham today. An incredibly serious acquisition, only … According to Michael Fabricant himself, he wasn´t. While I have to give kudos to Mr Fabricant for his honesty, this is a disgusting accusation by a Times journalist.

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