Media lies

The image is a screenshot of a tweet. The tweet is from an individual named Michael Fabricant, who is discussing an incident where he was apparently misdirected into the middle of a protest. He clarifies that despite social media suggesting that he was attacked, he was not physically harmed, although he was subjected to shouted abuse. The specific context relates to an event called #CPC2022, which is indicated by the hashtag used in the tweet. Michael Fabricant expresses his view that the protesters might have thought he was provoking them deliberately, but he confirms that the interaction did not go beyond verbal confrontation. The tweet is timestamped at 4:37 PM on October 2, 2022, and it was made using Twitter for iPhone.

Media lies

Times ¨journalist¨ Dom Hanschild took to Twitter to claim that Tory MP Michael Fabricant was assaulted by protesters in Birmingham today.

A tweet from times jornalist Dom Hauschild stating ¨Just witnessed Conservative MP @Mike_Fabricant  assaulted by protestors outside Tory conference.   He was pushed quite violently (didn’t get this on video) and protestors screamed in his face.   Really dark.¨

An incredibly serious acquisition, only …

According to Michael Fabricant himself, he wasn´t.

A tweet from Michael Fabricant, which reads Social media is suggesting I was “attacked” as I tried to get into #CPC2022. I was not.  I was directed wrongly right into the middle of the protest. I think the protesters thought I was deliberately provoking them. But no one touched me. Just shouted abuse. They were just loud!

While I have to give kudos to Mr Fabricant for his honesty, this is a disgusting accusation by a Times journalist. Of course, trans people are very used to the Times outright lying about things. Hopefully this will be the death nail in any credibility The Times has.

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