Media lies

Media lies

Times ¨journalist¨ Dom Hanschild took to Twitter to claim that Tory MP Michael Fabricant was assaulted by protesters in Birmingham today.

A tweet from times jornalist Dom Hauschild stating ¨Just witnessed Conservative MP @Mike_Fabricant  assaulted by protestors outside Tory conference.   He was pushed quite violently (didn’t get this on video) and protestors screamed in his face.   Really dark.¨

An incredibly serious acquisition, only …

According to Michael Fabricant himself, he wasn´t.

A tweet from Michael Fabricant, which reads Social media is suggesting I was “attacked” as I tried to get into #CPC2022. I was not.  I was directed wrongly right into the middle of the protest. I think the protesters thought I was deliberately provoking them. But no one touched me. Just shouted abuse. They were just loud!

While I have to give kudos to Mr Fabricant for his honesty, this is a disgusting accusation by a Times journalist. Of course, trans people are very used to the Times outright lying about things. Hopefully this will be the death nail in any credibility The Times has.

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