There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.

Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Print media

EHRC a ‘laughing stock’ as it appoints anti-trans figures to Scottish committee – Pink News
Firefighters battle wildfire at Aberdeen beach as picnic-goers watch on – Press and Journal (Photo Credit)
Gender critical MPs condemned for ‘grim’ response to mention of trans suicide in parliament – Pink News
SNP ‘frontrunner’ Kate Forbes has a troubling record on abortion and trans rights – Pink News
La loi écossaise sur la reconnaissance du genre enflamme le Royaume-Uni (Scotland’s gender recognition law ignites UK)-
The right-wing US ‘agitators’ jumping on Scotland’s trans rights row – The National
UK gender battle stirs talk of independence in Scotland – Al Jazeera
Trans activist makes glaringly obvious point about Scottish gender bill and single-sex spaces – Pink News
Campaigners react as MSPs vote through gender reform – The National
Transgender Scots slam ‘broken’ and ‘demoralising’ healthcare system – The National
Scottish Greens will debate cutting ties with Green Party of England and Wales over ‘transphobia’ concerns – The Scotsman
Roe vs Wade: Abortion rights campaigners gather in Edinburgh as pressure mounts over buffer zones in Scotland – Edinburgh News
‘No one wants to talk about us as people’: What life is like for trans people in Scotland today – The Scotsman
Scottish Greens unveil new candidates for council elections in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire – Press and Journal
Heather Herbert on trans debate: ‘A lot of prejudice is misunderstanding’ – Press and Journal
Meet the trans and non-binary people running for parliament in the UK general election – Pink News
Aberdeen Greens back council candidate suggesting trans people hand out advice for ‘less dodgy’ HTR – Scottish Daily Express
Ex-Scottish Labour hopeful joins Greens over indyref2 stance – The National


Talking Sense: Gender Recognition Reform Special Ep 3.4

TV Interviews

STV News, 9 December 2023, Scottish Parliament defeated by UK Government in landmark court ruling
Jeremy Vine (Channel 5) 4th October 2023, Steve Barclay’s proposal to ban trans women from women’s wards.
Saturday Night Talkaway (TalkTV), 2 Sept 2023, Danielle McGahey: Transgender cricketer
Saturday Night Talkaway (TalkTV), 5 Aug 2023, Costa Coffee
Saturday Night Talkaway (TalkTV), 30 June 2023, Pride
Saturday Night Talkaway (TalkTV), 10 June 2023, Drag Queen Story Hour
Jeremy Vine (Channel 5) 15th of March 2023 – Is J K Rowling a National Treasure?
ITV News, 26th January 2023, My Reaction to the case of Isla Bryson
SkyNews, 16th January 2023, My Reaction to the veto of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill
‘Reporting Scotland’ The BBC, 21st December 2022 on the Gender Recognition Reform Bill
SkyNews, 22nd December 2022, Live interview on the outcome of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill
10 O´Clock news, ITV, 22nd December 2022, Live interview on the outcome of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill


NorthanSound – W/B 19th June 2023, My reaction to Kirsty Blackman MP’s Speech in the House of Commons
RTLFrance – 7th February 2023, The controversy surrounding the video game “Hogwarth Legacy”
BBC Radio Ulster – Extra Evening – 30th January 2023, Trans Prisoners.
BBC Worldservice – Weekend – 21st January 2023, Section 35
BBC Radio 5 – UK Government issues a section 35 order – 17-January-2023
BBC Radio Ulster – Extra Evening – 17-January-2023, The GRR
Today FM (Auckland New Zeland) – Tova – 18-January-2023, The GRR

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