Vote Early, Vote Often

Vote early, vote often John Van Buren For those who don’t know I have a degree in Computer Science (actually it’s a double major degree, computer science and psychology), with a focus on Computer Security. Earlier this week the National published an online poll asking “Who would you like to see as the next SNP

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However, if we don’t confront the seed of lies, it gives place for them to take root in us and we become bound to the “prison cell” that those lies create. E’yen A. Gardner, Break Free If you’ve been active on LGBT+ Twitter over the last year you may remember this. It’s a photo from

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They tried to disrupt Parliament.

Not all terrorists live in the shadows, some own rocket companies, and provide fellow terrorists unhindered, “above-the-law” access to all the exposure they could dream of. Abhijit Naskar You may have seen the news about protestors disrupting parliament last week. Thankfully the person who flashed parliament in front of children is now being investigated by

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