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Women Being Wheesht

Research from Loughborough University has revealed that male voices have overwhelmingly dominated the coverage of the general election. Academics from the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture have audited news coverage for every general election since 1992. This analysis spans TV coverage from major broadcasters and print reporting by both broadsheet and tabloid newspapers

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Challenging Stereotypes: Women and Sexual Sadism

In discussions surrounding sexual sadism and extreme criminal behaviour, there’s often a pervasive assumption that men predominantly perpetrate such acts. This belief can sometimes be used to support discriminatory views, including within certain circles of trans-exclusive radical feminists. However, recent cases highlight the fallacy of this assumption and emphasize the importance of addressing criminal behaviour

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“Social Contagion” Myth Busted

The same old tired, fear-based rhetoric from anti-trans lobbyists and politicians about a “tidal wave” of people identifying as transgender. (fueled, they claim, by the all-powerful propagator of “social contagion”) got a massive reality check recently. Of course, facts rarely get in the way of a good drama. A sensationalist New York Times article on

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