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Tory MP James Daly Claims Poor Parenting Responsible for Children’s Struggles

James Daly, the Conservative MP for Bury North, stirred controversy by stating that struggling children in his constituency are primarily the “products of crap parents”. Daly, elected in 2019, expressed these claims in a conversation with the i newspaper. Bury North is a politically contested area, with a history of alternating between Labour and Conservative

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Well, We Warned You! UK’s Anti-Trans Stance Could Land it in Some Deep Trouble at the UN

The good folks over at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in the UK may soon find themselves persona non grata at the United Nations human rights discussions, thanks to their indefatigable efforts to uphold the outdated concept of “biological sex.“ Leading the charge for this ideological throwback is Baroness Falkner of Margravine, the

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Media lies

Times ¨journalist¨ Dom Hanschild took to Twitter to claim that Tory MP Michael Fabricant was assaulted by protesters in Birmingham today. An incredibly serious acquisition, only … According to Michael Fabricant himself, he wasn´t. While I have to give kudos to Mr Fabricant for his honesty, this is a disgusting accusation by a Times journalist.

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