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Profit and Safety

The recent safety incidents involving Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) underscore the risks of close ties between regulatory bodies and profit-driven corporations in the aviation industry. Boeing’s profit-oriented approach, coupled with its influence over FAA oversight, highlights the inherent dangers to safety in a capitalist system. Intense scrutiny has focused on Boeing’s relationship

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Humza Yousaf’s Autocratic Move

The past week has witnessed a seismic shift in Scottish politics, marked by deep divisions and stark betrayals within the governing coalition. At the heart of this turmoil stands Humza Yousaf, whose unilateral actions have shattered the trust and unity painstakingly forged through the Bute House Agreement. The Bute House Agreement, a cornerstone of Scotland’s

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Royal Navy’s Nuclear Submarine Plunges Into Dangerous Depths, A Chilling Reminder of the Nuclear Threat

In an unsettling incident that underscores the persistent dangers of nuclear militarisation, a Royal Navy nuclear submarine descended perilously close to catastrophic oceanic depths due to a gauge malfunction, multiple reports reveal. The nuclear-powered submarine was perilously close to crossing the so-called “depth danger zone”, a threshold that these vessels can endure before the risk

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