June 27th – a day on the campaign trail.

June 27th – a day on the campaign trail.

With one week remaining until the general election, today was marked by significant controversy surrounding Reform UK. An undercover investigation by Channel 4 revealed campaigners making racist, homophobic, and Islamophobic comments. This led to swift condemnation from party leaders Nigel Farage and Richard Tice.

Key Events

Undercover Investigation and Responses

Channel 4’s undercover footage captured Reform UK campaigners in Clacton. Nigel Farage is standing for election there. The footage showed them making deeply offensive remarks. These included racial slurs about Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, derogatory comments about Islam, and inappropriate suggestions regarding immigration.

Nigel Farage expressed his dismay at the comments, emphasizing that such views do not represent the party’s stance. He stated that individuals making unacceptable comments would no longer be part of his campaign. Richard Tice, Reform UK’s chairman, echoed this sentiment, highlighting that the party, which relies heavily on volunteers, is growing rapidly and occasionally encounters individuals who behave inappropriately. Tice assured that the campaign promptly removed these individuals.

Broader Campaign Impact

The controversy is significant not only for the offensive nature of the remarks but also for potential breaches in campaign spending regulations. A senior campaigner was recorded suggesting that Reform UK had exceeded local spending limits. Although they later claimed this comment was a joke, it raises questions about the campaign’s adherence to legal financial constraints.

Other Political Developments

While Reform UK dominated headlines, other political activities continued:

  • Education Debate: The Conservative Party criticized Labour’s VAT plans for private schools, arguing it could overburden the state sector. Both parties continued to promote their educational policies.
  • Postal Vote Surge: A 20% increase in postal votes is causing logistical challenges, with election teams struggling to meet the high demand.
  • Northern Ireland Debate: The final TV debate among Northern Ireland’s political leaders saw discussions on health, trust, and funding, but failed to energize an otherwise lackluster campaign.

Leaders on the Trail

  • Conservatives and Labour: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak reiterated that the election is a choice about the country’s future, not a referendum on his leadership. Labour leader Keir Starmer emphasized the need to earn every vote, promising a decade of national renewal under Labour.
  • Liberal Democrats: Ed Davey continued to campaign vigorously, focusing on health and care policies while engaging in various community activities.


Today’s events underscore the volatility and intensity of the election campaign. The Reform UK controversy has spotlighted the importance of maintaining ethical standards and addressing inappropriate behaviour swiftly. As the campaign enters its final week, political leaders are making their last appeals to voters, emphasizing their visions for the future and the critical choices at stake.

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