Month: November 2022

Grifters gonna Grift

No sense being a grifter if its the same as bein’ a citizen. Henry Gondorff – The Sting Yesterday the courier ran a story about a police probe into transphobe, Marion Millar. Not this time for her transphobia but for fraud. It appears not only did allegedly steal the thousands of pounds crowdfunded for her

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A “First” test for Mastodon

Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast Tom Peters So Suzanne Moore, she of “It’s not transphobic to question child chest binding” and “If Stonewall doesn’t represent a woman like Allison Bailey, then who is it for?” fame, has joined Mastadon. I of course have blocked and reported her but it will be interesting to see

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Posted without comment.

A screen shot of a tweet that reads, I have quite a few mutuals who follow @LGBallianceNYC & I feel it imperative to warn you that the man running the account (he’s one person pretending to be an orginisation) is a registered child sex offered in the state of new york. then their is a

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