A “First” test for Mastodon

Text reads #fediblock suzanne_moore at toot dot community, one of the most prominent UK press transphobes, working for far-right Murdoch rag the Daily Telegraph. her twitter profile confirms it's really her.

A “First” test for Mastodon

Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast

Tom Peters

So Suzanne Moore, she of “It’s not transphobic to question child chest binding” and “If Stonewall doesn’t represent a woman like Allison Bailey, then who is it for?” fame, has joined Mastadon. I of course have blocked and reported her but it will be interesting to see what happens.

I fully expect toot.community to kick her off, so it will be interesting to see what she writes about it.

Mastodon isn’t about making money, its servers are run by volunteers. Volunteers who, far from being backed by huge venture capitalist companies, hope donations from the community cover their costs. So bad press from the right-wing UK media will have far less of an effect than it would do with a capitalist company.

Mastodon is about community, not about likes. It isn’t a single organisation striving for user engagement in order to sell advertising.

However, if Suzanne Moore is kicked off Mastodon, she will kick up a stink. Let’s hope the admin of toot.community, who is based in the Netherlands, holds their nerve and does the right thing.

Update, 1h 29 minutes after I wrote this

Suzanne Moore's Mastodon account account suspended.

I really wasn’t expecting it to happen that quickly! I’m honestly in shock!

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