Grifters gonna Grift

A photo of Marion Millar (with her Women won't wheese tattoo) and Joanna Cherry KC

Grifters gonna Grift

No sense being a grifter if its the same as bein’ a citizen.

Henry Gondorff – The Sting

Yesterday the courier ran a story about a police probe into transphobe, Marion Millar. Not this time for her transphobia but for fraud.

It appears not only did allegedly steal the thousands of pounds crowdfunded for her legal case

a Three tweet conversation

Tweet one by Sandrasaurus reads
Where is Marion Millar?
Is it true she stole the donations and swindled money from her friends?
Has she fooled us all?

Tweet two by Amanda XX Reads
Is it true? Would have though someone would've replied by now if it wasn't

Tweet three by Sandrasaurus reads
Of course they would have. I am so mad. I gave money to her and so did many of my friends. I felt sorry for her and travelled to support her for her to do this. I believe 'Marion Millar' was also an alias too and she was never an accountant.
It makes you wonder doesn't it?

She also appears to have defrauded a number of companies (one to the tune of £50,000) while she worked for Airdrie-based accountancy firm Millar & McIntyre. Apparently, the police have been well aware of this alleged fraud for a long time, at least over a year. But have sat on it, as one source told the courier:

“I reported this to the police more than a year ago and since then they have contacted me once to update me, and only a handful of other times as a result of my chasing them. This, unfortunately, didn’t just effect me, there were numerous others.”

You have to wonder if Joanna Cherry KC, Debbie Hayton and JK Rowling will be jumping to her defence again? If Arnot Manderson Advocates will take her case?

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