‘Gender critical’ loons call Sharron Davies a man

The image shows a person in a bikini with a leopard print design, standing in front of a foliage backdrop. The person's head is not visible due to the angle of the photo or editing. Accompanying the image is a text that reads, \"Does she look like a man to you?\" This question appears to address a topic related to gender presentation or appearance, and it's important to note that gender cannot be reliably determined from appearance alone. Respecting individuals' identities and avoiding assumptions based on physical appearance is essential for promoting inclusivity and understanding.

‘Gender critical’ loons call Sharron Davies a man

Everything below the rock hard facsimiles of ‘breasts’ screams male


“We can always tell”, is the scream of every transphobe from Wings Over Scotland (who happens to live nowhere near Scotland) to Graham “Someone fund my play” Linehan. Yet so blinded by hate are they, that they decided a photo of Sharron Davies was that of a trans woman.

Of course, we all know why they say this, it’s simply to dehumanise trans people.

Well, “WeAreFairCop” an organisation apparently determined to ‘… uphold Articles 8-11 ECHR & removing politics from policing.’. Have decided to attack a serving police officer because … she’s trans.

As part of this attack on PC Lynsay Watson, WeAreFairCop, tweeted the following.

Text shows a tweet from WeAreFairCop dated the 4th of November, the tweet quotes a tweet of an image of a woman in a bikini.
WeAreFairCop's tweet has the text, Finally, under threat of litigation, LincsPolice has been in touch to ask for our evidence file on PC Lynsay Watson. Here's a hint: if your going to operate a sock account, don't post a picture of yourself to show what a woman you are.

It didn’t take long for the internet sleuths of Twitter to discover just who the woman in the photo was. It wasn’t PC Lynsay Watson, but transphobe and Olympic swimmer, Sharron Davies.

A screen shot from the mailonline, the headline reads Sharron Davise, 56, exhibits her washboard abs and ample cleavage in leopard print bikini during idyllic beach break

Of course, transphobes being transphobes wouldn’t let simple facts get in the way of harassment.

A screen shot of three replies 
First from Marek Novotny reads "Well, to my eyes, the person in the photo looks like a bloke in a bikini sporting a fine pair of thrup'nny bits. I could be mistaken on that score though.

The second tweet, from Beringia, reads "Everything below the rock hard facsimiles of 'breasts' screams male'

The third tweet reads "I was imagining this person to be a 25 year old snowflake. Instead I've got Mel B off Bo Selecta with the mutton dressed as lamb thing going on"

We already know the ‘Gender critical’ movement attracts paedophiles and far-right activists. So we shouldn’t be surprised to see misogynists not only tolerated but actively supported by such groups.

Scratch a transphobe, find a … well all manner of hate.

We can always tell.

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