The far right and the ‘Gender Critical’ movement.

This is a stylized illustration featuring a group of stick figures with various symbols and colors representing different ideologies or groups. On the left, there are figures colored or patterned to represent diversity and inclusivity, with one figure displaying a speech bubble saying, "Can't we just all be friends?" In the center, there's a figure wearing a dress with a "Yes" label. On the right side, the figures are adorned with symbols that might be interpreted as representing different controversial or extreme ideologies. Due to the sensitive nature of the symbolism, I can describe the components without attributing specific meanings. The figures on the right wear items such as a pointed hat with a "free hat limit 1" tag, which seems to be a satirical representation. There are also symbols like maritime or nautical emblems, and one figure wears a female gender symbol combined with a symbol usually associated with medicine or biohazard. The image seems to be making a statement about the possibility of unity among different groups, characterized either by their openness to diversity or by more specific and potentially divisive ideologies. However, the illustration is quite simplified and uses humor and exaggeration, so it should be interpreted within the context it was created or publicized.

The far right and the ‘Gender Critical’ movement.

Saying “fascists have infiltrated the GC movement” is like saying “dogs have infiltrated Crufts”


Back at the start of this year, Lorna Slater was heavily criticised by certain quarters (including the tories) for calling the ‘Gender Critical’ movement a product of the far right.

Well; time has proven her right.

Over the last couple of weeks or so the ‘Gender Critical’ movement has been tearing itself apart. On the 18th of September Kellie-Jay Keen (aka Posie Parker), as part of her, “Let women speak” tour visited Brighton.

Not only did she bring her normal bunch of hateful transphobes with her. She also brought a bunch of people aligned with Tommy Robinson’s “Hearts of Oak” group. These people yelled racist, ableist and transphobic abuse at the counter-protesters.

In addition, KJK and Helen Joyce decided to steal a progress flag from one of the counter-protesters and rip off not just the trans part, but the part designed to represent people of colour.

Helen and Kelly are not fringe parts of the ‘Gender Critical’ movement, but key, mainstream, parts of it.

This isn’t the first time the ‘Gender Critical’ movement has chastised KJK. Yet she is still held in extremely high regard, by throses who don’t want to accept the ‘Gender Critical’ movement is aligned with the far right.

KJK has, rather than admitting a tactical error, doubled down.

While I’m sure this won’t stop elements of the media from singing the ‘Gender Critical’ movement’s praises. But the question is … will Brian Whittle MSP, apologies to Lorna Slater? Or are the tories think cosying up to the EDL is going to save them?

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