Finally, @Cavakaggy is suspended, but not @UltraCava2, yet…

Finally, @Cavakaggy is suspended, but not @UltraCava2, yet…

In a powerful and commendable move, X (formerly Twitter) aims to make social media safer for everyone. This is especially true for the trans community. X has taken decisive action by banning the account of @Cavakaggy, operated by Karen Evans from Manchester. This ban is a crucial step in curbing the spread of harassment and hate speech online. Reports indicate that this ban was likely due to repeated harassment. It may have taken the police interventional to force Twitter to stop this harmful behaviour.

Do not confuse this Karen Evans with another individual from Manchester with the same name. The other Karen Evans was involved in a separate incident involving the theft of £700,000 from the NHS.

However, despite the ban, Karen Evans’ alternative account, @UltraCava2, remains active on the platform. Meanwhile, Graham Linehan, known on X as @Glinner, is actively calling for her reinstatement.

Graham George Linehan (born May 1968) is an Irish comedy writer who has gained notoriety as an anti-transgender activist. Following criticism of a transphobic episode of The IT Crowd, Linehan delved deeper into anti-transgender activism. He argues that transgender activism endangers women and has controversially likened the use of puberty blockers to Nazi eugenics. Linehan himself has admitted that his views have cost him professional opportunities and led to the end of his marriage.

We applaud X for, eventually, standing up against transphobia and creating a more inclusive online environment. This action strongly asserts that we will not tolerate hate and harassment. We must uphold the safety and dignity of trans individuals both online and offline. However, alternative accounts and the support of individuals like Linehan show we need to do more. We must ensure a truly safe and inclusive digital space for all.

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