GRR Stage 3 – Day 1

GRR Stage 3 – Day 1

You can watch today’s proceedings at but I shall be live blogging it here.

There are over 100 amendments grouped into 13 groups, which is a lot. Thankfully there is a cheat sheet of good/bad amendments here

If your still on Twitter Beth has a good thread. Another good thread by Abbie Gaston.

22:38 And their back, let’s see what there doing

22:13 breaking for a 15 minute comfort break

Amendment 33 fell

Yes 31 no92 whooo I was wrong

Amendment 10 something … let me guess yes 33 no89?

Amendment 32 fell yes 33 no 89

Amendment 31 fell

Amendment 30 yes 33 no 89

Division time, hopefully all these amendments fall.

21:50 – The cabinet Secretary confirms that disclosure Scotland isn’t being used in the right way with these amendments. Disclosure Scotland, is something that you call in when you get a job somewhere.

21:48 Maggie calls the tories out for conflating trans people with sex offenders. Much to the tories displeasure and the agreement of every trans person in the room.

Why has Douglas Ross and co joined us up in the public gallery? Does he not think the group 8 amendments are important?

Amendment 12 falls 35 to 90

Amendment 1 (similar to Paul’s amendment) fall 54 to 70

21:31 Paul O’Kern moves amendment 100 which falls 42 to 72

21:00 John Mason say something I agree with! Hang on I think I need to lie down!

20:33 The tories forcing a vote on the placement of an ‘and’

Group 6 – minor and technical

Amendment 10 yes 36 no 90

Amendment 9 yes 36 no 91

Amendment 99 yes 103 no 23 passed

Amendment 15 yes 16 no 109

Amendment 24 yes 24 no 101

Amendment 97 yes 31 no 95

Amendment 21 yes 51 no 74

Amendment 96 yes 34 no 94

Amendment 20 yes 51 no 73

Amendment 95 yes 35 no 91

19:53 – Daniel Johnson highlights that this conflates legal and medical transition.

19:37 – These amendments effectively remove the demedicalisisation of the bill, with luck it will all fall.

Group 5 – Grounds on which the application is to be granted : medical evidence and time living in the acquired gender.

Amendment 23 yes 56 no 70 amendment failed

19:24 – This amendment says that people should be sign posted to relive the support and information.

Group 4 – Support and Information for applications

Amendment 22, yes 60 no 64 Fell

Amendment 7 yes 37 No 98 Fell

19:17 Amendment 19 yes 76 no 26 past

19:08 Amendment 19 – The government wants to remove asylum seekers from the definition ordinary resident. They argue that because asylum is a reserved matter it would make the bill outwith the compatible of government.

19:07 Group 3 This relates to the definition of ‘ordinary resident’

19:ish we where excluded from the chamber after some disruption.

Amendment 18. Y 59 64 fell

18:03 – Maggie Chapman calls the tories out for their dog whistles.

17:28 – The effect of conflicting trans people with sex offenders, it traumatises survives and set’s trans people against survivors.

17:18 – Tories are conflating trans people with sex offenders.

17:10 – ACH Confirms that a GRC doesn’t give you access to single sex spaces

17:08 Group 2 -Applicants with criminal charges or convictions

Amendment 6 fell

Amendment 93 yes 9 no 115 so it fell

16:43 – Thank you Emma Rodrick for calling out the evil misgendering and embarrassing of a young trans boy in the Scottish Parliament by Ash Denham

16:26 – ACH pointing out that this legislation isn’t world beating

16:23 – Maggie Chapman pointing out just how unjust any waiting period is.

16:06 – I’d be delighted to know how a GRC speeds up access to hormones?

16:02 – nice to see Kenneth Gibson is so worried about women he spoke over a young female MSP from his own party.

15:55 – amendment 25 – seeks the name and contact details of the people a young people have spoken too, this isn’t bad, so long as that name isn’t made public. That would allow transphobs to target them.

15:52 – Again we have Jaime Greens of the tories trying to strike a middle ground and being attacked by his own side for it

15:47 – GENDER DYMORPHIA? What’s that?

15:44 – Racheal Hamilton makes it clear you can negcoate with tories, even if you try, they will not accept a half way position.

15:39 – Alex Cole Hamilton points out the tories backed the age of criminal responsibility to 12 so why are they against 16 and 17 year olds

15:36 – At last we move to Group 1 – Applications by 16 and 17 year olds

15:19 – The tories still trying to delay things, this time by insisting they all get to speak on every amendment.

15:14 – I have the feeling 31 vs. 96 is going to be the story of the day

15:03 – The business manager calls the tories out.

15:02 – The tories attempting to filly bust today (and likely tomorrow)

14:30 – Parliament suspended, to allow the amendment to be circular – and so it begins

14:28 – It looks like the tories forgot to circulate their amendment to other MSPs

14:25 – The tories want to drag this out longer and longer

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