GRR Stage 3 debate – Day 2

GRR Stage 3 debate – Day 2

Here we are again day 2.

You can watch today’s proceedings at but I shall be live blogging it here.

Twitter users can follow (the now restored account of) Beth who is live tweeting it. As well as Abbie Garton-Crosbie who is in the chamber with us today

There are over 100 amendments grouped into 13 groups, which is a lot. Thankfully there is a cheat sheet of good/bad amendments here

The marshalled list of amendments can be found on the Scottish Parliaments website.

And the bill at stage 2 can be found online.

20:00 the Amendment to remove section 12 is agreed

19:55 Michael Marr brings in evidence from MBM (a transphobic lawyer outfit)

19:54 And we’ll be back tomorrow

19:53 And we’re back,

18:57 Douglas Ross is clearly trying to get himself kicked out

18:50 Running low on battery so I may go off-line in a bit. ButI highly recommend Beth and Abbie’s feed

18:33 The tories trying trip up Labour members.

18:29 Maggie points out the last weeks ruling shouldn’t be a surprise as the book transgender law (written by two lawyers) foretold of the result back in 2019

18:23 “Those born women or girls” …. How many people are born as women? I was born as a baby but hay you do you mate.

18:17 File that in ‘things that didn’t happen’, but even if it did what does it have to do with a GRA?

17:43 John Mason – expressing concern for women from ethnic backgrounds and minority religions, as a non Scottish Wiccan Woman I’d love him to think of us when it comes to abortion rights.

17:08 Pauline O’Neil saying it would be impossible for places to distinguish between a cis person and a trans person with a GRC … I thought they could always tell

17:02 People of the opposite sex who hold a GRC … that would be say a trans man holding a GRC being excluded from woman’s spaces then …

16:42 I wonder if Jackie Bailey want to add a reference to say the weights and measures act to this bill as well.

16:32 Danial Johnson just doesn’t understand.

16:29 the PO telling members to chill out

16:27 The transphobia’s look ready to kick off

16:22 I’m starting to wonder if the ‘I can’t get my card to work’ is yet another delaying tactic.

16:20 The Cabinet Secretary again confirms that the GRR has no effect on the EA2010

16:19 Stephen Kerr still conflating the EA2010 with the GRA

16:10 We’re back and the PO has refused Rachael’s motion from the floor as it could have been raised at anytime today and so they didn’t give enough (any) time for other MSPs to read the motion.

16:05 So after an hour and ten minutes the POs are back.

15:52 Michael Maar and Jamie Greene should swap parties

14:53 Rachael announcements that she wants to bring an amendment from the floor to remove the whole of section 15, due to FWS loseing their court case earlier this week.

14:50 Vote on Pam Duncan Glance – Yes 26 No 96

14:42 So the TERFs are yelling and screaming at the security staff because they are checking bags etc.

14:39 The tories seam to think we should pass no laws as there is no case law to do so.

14:34 Pam Duncan Glance – Countering all the tories BS

And the detailed results of yesterday’s debate can be found here

14:23 The tories PoO about the detailed results of yesterdays vote is out

Jamie Greens amendment, Yes 94 no 16 so his amendment passes

14:02 It appears that the majority of the tories don’t understand how criminal law works.

13:55 Jamie Greene summing up.

13:45 Scottish Labour showing there committee to trans people is, at best, skin deep.

13:39 Rachael Hamilton introduces her amendment 116 which confuses GRCs with access to ‘single sex spaces’.

13:30 Jamie Greene introduces his bunch of amendments which deal with offences where someone get a GRC in order to commit an offence.

13:15 Douglas Ross is met with boos when he starts the day off with the now famous phrase ‘point of order’

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