The effect of manipulative censorship

This image shows three individuals participating in an anti-abortion protest. The two on the left hold signs with messages opposing abortion, while the person on the right holds a sign with a message that's obscured. The placards include phrases like \"ABORTION IS MURDER\" and \"BABIES ARE MURDERED HERE,\" along with a reference to a Bible verse, suggesting the protest has a religious component. The caption at the bottom of the photo indicates that this scenario is related to a discussion about implementing buffer zones at health facilities, which is likely a measure to limit such protests near these facilities for patient privacy and safety.

The effect of manipulative censorship

Beth and I spent a lot of the summer going around pride events collecting submissions for Gillian MacKay’s buffer zone bill. As well as organising a protest in Edinburgh in at the SCOTUS decision to reverse Row Vs Wade.

The original picture looks like this

Obviously, the newspaper can’t print a sign with the word “CUNTS” on it and I’m not accusing Catriona Stewart of deliberately misrepresentation Beth’s position. But it’s clear that censorship can lead to a misrepresentation of the facts.

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