The effect of manipulative censorship

This image shows three individuals participating in an anti-abortion protest. The two on the left hold signs with messages opposing abortion, while the person on the right holds a sign with a message that's obscured. The placards include phrases like \"ABORTION IS MURDER\" and \"BABIES ARE MURDERED HERE,\" along with a reference to a Bible verse, suggesting the protest has a religious component. The caption at the bottom of the photo indicates that this scenario is related to a discussion about implementing buffer zones at health facilities, which is likely a measure to limit such protests near these facilities for patient privacy and safety.

The effect of manipulative censorship

Arguments around free speech tend to go something like this.
Pro-Free Speech: All views should be heard, and the poisonous views will be seen for what they are and dismissed.
Pro censorship: If you give harmful poisonous views the oxygen of publicity they will poison the discourse.

However, I’d like to point out another effect of partial censorship. The ability to change the story being told. I like to call this manipulative censorship.

This morning the Herald ran the story “Is Northern Ireland success really good for Scottish buffer zones?” along with the following picture.

The woman on the right in the green top is my friend Beth, without any more information what would you think Beth’s position on abortion is? (answer after the page break).

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