They tried to disrupt Parliament.

In the image, there is a group of people sitting in what appears to be an auditorium or a public meeting space. Several individuals are holding up a banner that reads \"Privacy Dignity Safety\". The action suggests that they are part of a demonstration or advocacy moment regarding these principles. One person, possibly a security guard or official, is reaching out towards the banner, possibly indicating an attempt to intervene or communicate with the banner holders. The rest of the audience is seated and appears to be watching the situation unfold. The context is not fully clear but it seems to be a public event where this message is being conveyed.

They tried to disrupt Parliament.

Not all terrorists live in the shadows, some own rocket companies, and provide fellow terrorists unhindered, “above-the-law” access to all the exposure they could dream of.

Abhijit Naskar

You may have seen the news about protestors disrupting parliament last week. Thankfully the person who flashed parliament in front of children is now being investigated by the police. However, I´d like to draw your attention to another interesting thing that happened during the protest.

Scottish Feminists Network holding a banner reading ¨Privacy Dignity Safety¨  within the Scottish Parlament.

It may seem almost like an almost petty thing but it raises a huge question. Just how did they get a banner inside parliament?

Security was well aware that protestors were planning something and tightened up security

Security was tightened up to such an extent that in order to prevent the transphobes from disrupting parliament they ended up delaying their entry and lead Racheal Hamilton to complain to the speaker.

Why I wonder would Racheal Hamilton would try and get the people suspected of disrupting parliament entry without bag checks?

She didn´t get them permission to bring whatever they liked into parliament.

So where did the banner come from?

There was another banner on display that day.

So how did the Scottish Greens get the progress pride flag in? Simple, MSPs brought it in. Note, the progress pride flag was not used to disrupt the chamber this photo was taken at the foot of the stairs in the main foray.

MSPs are exempt from the strict security searches the general public has to go through. If MSPs can bring banners in, and the Scottish Conservatives were the only group supporting the transphobes, and they had already collated with SFN to book out the public gallery, and are actively trying to get Police Scotland to stop there investigation.

Well, it looks quite damming, doesn´t it?

I´ve reached out to the Scottish Conservatives and Racheal Hamilton for comment but so far received no response. Regardless of their involvement, I hope the police investigation into the disruption includes looking at if MSPs knew in advance about the disruption and if they actively assessed in disrupting parliament.

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