Greens in Power: Transforming Lives and Leading the Way

Greens in Power: Transforming Lives and Leading the Way

In a political landscape where the Tories and Labour vie to position themselves further right, the Scottish Greens are changing lives. Their groundbreaking initiative provides free bus travel for everyone under 22. This policy has had a transformative, life-changing impact on young people across Scotland.

Empowering Young People

The introduction of free bus travel for under-22s, secured through negotiations between the Scottish Greens and the Scottish Government, has been a resounding success. New figures from the Scottish Government show 732,000 young people have signed up for free travel cards. Collectively, they have taken 137 million free bus journeys. This policy is unique in the UK and demonstrates the Greens’ commitment to social equity and environmental sustainability.

Mark Ruskell MSP, the Scottish Greens transport spokesperson, emphasizes the transformative nature of this initiative. “Free bus travel has had a transformative and in some cases life-changing impact on young people and families across Scotland. The fact that almost three-quarters of a million young people are already benefiting is a sign of the huge success of the scheme,” he said. This policy allows young people to access education, employment, and leisure activities without the financial burden of transport costs, significantly easing the cost of living for families during challenging economic times.

Boosting Public Transport and the Economy

One of the most significant benefits of this policy is its impact on public transport usage. By providing free bus travel, the Scottish Greens have effectively boosted public transport patronage, supporting the sustainability and expansion of these services. This initiative also allows families to keep more money, which they can spend on other necessities, stimulating the local economy.

The Greens’ approach contrasts sharply with the Tories and Labour policies, which focus on cuts and austerity measures. These measures disproportionately affect vulnerable populations. While these parties compete to appear tough on issues, the Greens focus on practical solutions that directly benefit people.

Environmental Benefits

Transport is Scotland’s largest source of carbon emissions. The free bus travel scheme encourages young people to use public transport over private cars, significantly reducing emissions. This policy not only addresses immediate environmental concerns but also cultivates long-term behavioural change, promoting sustainable travel options for future generations.

Ruskell highlights the environmental impact: “Encouraging people to use public transport rather than take the car is a huge boost for our environment and will reduce the number of cars on our roads in the future.” This initiative demonstrates that effective environmental policy can also be socially beneficial, creating a win-win scenario for Scotland’s future.

The success of the free bus travel scheme is clear, but there is still more to be done. Ruskell urges those who have not yet registered to take advantage of this opportunity: “I want every young person to feel the benefit of this scheme, and I urge those who have not yet registered to do so today at”


While the Tories and Labour continue their rightward race, the Scottish Greens are proving a point. Progressive policies can lead to tangible, positive outcomes for society. Free bus travel for under-22s exemplifies Green policies making a real difference. They empower young people, support families, boost the economy, and protect the environment. In a world where many political parties promise change, the Scottish Greens are delivering it.

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