Authors don’t need to fear AI

The image features a person depicted with a blue-toned lighting. The most striking element is the projection of what appears to be binary code (strings of 1s and 0s) on the individual’s face, suggesting a theme related to technology, digital identity, or data. The individual has a serious or pensive expression, and the overall feel of the image is moody and artistic, playing with the contrasts between humanity and the digital world. The binary code overlay gives the photo an innovative and conceptual look.

Authors don’t need to fear AI

But don’t take my word for it. Below is a story Google’s Bard wrote from the prompt “Write me a story about a trans woman who fights crime”. I’ll let you decide if you think it should be published.

Once upon a time, there was a trans woman named Jessica who lived in a big city. She was a kind and caring person, but she was also very strong and determined. She had always wanted to help people, and she knew that she could make a difference in the world.

One day, Jessica was walking home from work when she saw a group of men harassing a young woman. Jessica knew that she had to do something, so she ran over and intervened. She told the men to leave the woman alone, and they eventually backed down.

The woman was very grateful to Jessica for helping her, and she asked her if she was a superhero. Jessica laughed and said no, but she admitted that she had always wanted to be a superhero.

The woman told Jessica that she should definitely pursue her dream, and that she would be a great superhero. Jessica was inspired by the woman’s words, and she decided to start fighting crime.

Jessica started by helping people in her neighborhood. She would stop crimes in progress, and she would also help people who were in need. Jessica quickly became a local hero, and people started to look up to her.

One day, Jessica was called to stop a robbery in progress. When she arrived at the scene, she saw that the robbers had already taken the money and were trying to escape. Jessica chased after them, and she was able to catch them and bring them to justice.

Jessica’s actions made the news, and she was soon recognized as a hero all over the city. She was interviewed on TV, and she even had her own comic book. Jessica was very proud of what she had accomplished, and she knew that she would continue to fight crime and help people.

Jessica continued to fight crime and help people for many years. She became known as the “Trans Woman Superhero,” and she was an inspiration to many people. She showed the world that it doesn’t matter what gender you are, you can still be a hero.

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