Author: heatherherbert

Royal Navy’s Nuclear Submarine Plunges Into Dangerous Depths, A Chilling Reminder of the Nuclear Threat

In an unsettling incident that underscores the persistent dangers of nuclear militarisation, a Royal Navy nuclear submarine descended perilously close to catastrophic oceanic depths due to a gauge malfunction, multiple reports reveal. The nuclear-powered submarine was perilously close to crossing the so-called “depth danger zone”, a threshold that these vessels can endure before the risk

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Alex Salmond Continues to Turn a Deaf Ear to Collective Indy Strategy as Alba Plans to Contend Every Possible Constituency in the General Election

Alex Salmond made it clear that his relatively new political party, Alba, will put forward as many candidates in the impending general election as their resources allow. This announcement comes after his request for a unified front among pro-independence parties has been flatly turned down. The former First Minister of Scotland stated quite emphatically that

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