Transphobs running scared of the Scottish Greens

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Transphobs running scared of the Scottish Greens

Robin Harper, the former leader of the Scottish Greens, is openly calling for a change in the party’s leadership due to disputes over transgender rights. Harper, who holds no position of power or influence in the party since his departure, has made unsupported assertions against the party’s commitment to uphold the rights of gender-diverse individuals.

The issue has centred around claims of a “chilling atmosphere of censure and fear” within the party, propounded by Harper and a small, non-representative group who call themselves ‘Scottish Green Women’s Declaration for Sex-Based Rights.’ This faction comprises largely of former party members, with minimal support within the party itself, garnering only 40 signatures.

Relations between the Scottish Greens and their English and Welsh counterparts were recently strained due to allegations of transphobia in the latter group, leading to a symbolic severing of ties. Harper’s outcries apparently prove that the party has made significant strides in its fight against transphobia, enough to send those opposed to their inclusive policy into a tizzy.

This ‘issue’ stirred by Harper and advocates of the so-called ‘Scottish Green Women’s Declaration for Sex-Based Rights’ is clearly an attempt to stir up controversy where none exists and seems to be a smokescreen to deflect from their own transphobia.

Responding to the accusations, the party has reaffirmed its inclusive stance. A spokesperson for the Scottish Greens recently responded: “No such group is known to nor affiliated to the Scottish Greens. We support the rights of our trans siblings and stand against all forms of prejudice.”

In fact, the Scottish Greens have been a beacon of support and advocacy for trans rights and gender-diverse people. This non-issue seems to reflect a baseless attack on a party that’s paving the way for more inclusive and equal politics in Scotland, effectively making transphobes tremble in their boots.

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